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Videojet Understands the Beer, Wine and Spirits sectors…

Your time is best spent crafting or processing the season’s batch and supporting your brand, not worrying about consistent product coding. That is why Videojet has developed the latest generation of coding equipment providing the beer, wine or spirits producer with innovative solutions that are the industry’s easiest to own, operate and maintain.

Flexible Coding on a Variety of Surfaces

Videojet’s non-contact coders enable you to mark curved or irregular surfaces, such as bottles, labels or caps, at production speeds and without touching the substrate. Furthermore, the data printed on your product can be truly variable. For example, Videojet coders can update automatically to print a new lot code or time stamp every day, shift, hour, minute or even every bottle. Stored production or line codes can be retrieved with the simple touch of a button or scan of a job or EAN code. Videojet believes firmly that your line changeovers and production speeds should never be slowed by your coding method.

Coding on Alcoholic Beverage Packaging

Can, carton and bottle printing and laser coding at even the highest speeds is made routine by Videojet’s specially designed systems. Offering adaptable ink jet bottle printing solutions and efficient laser marking systems, Videojet can tailor the marking effect to your preference. A small sample of the packaging types that Videojet often codes on includes marking, coding or labelling on glass bottles, single serve PET wine or spirits bottles, packs or cases, shelf-ready wine cases, and beer cans.

Cost Effective Reliability due to Simple Operation

At Videojet, you will find economical solutions with components that can be integrated easily into your bottling or packaging process. Due to common-sense engineering and intuitive user interfaces, these systems require little integration time and are easy to operate.

The Right Mark for You

Videojet’s full range of technologies enable you to select the correct type of code for your beer, wine or spirit – from bright, vibrant ink codes to discrete laser marks on the label or bottle. With the industry largest sales and service footprint, Videojet is ready to help you identify and maintain the right coding solution.

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