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Ever since we invented the first print and apply labelling system in 1983, Logopak have been the major innovator in this field, and print and apply runs through our DNA in everything we do.

Our German-built fully automated industrial label printers can be expected to last more than 10 years with unrivalled reliability. Our diverse range of applicators mean labels can be placed with precision on any part of the line product. With our exceptional aftersales service and support, we are confident Logopak print and apply will exceed all your expectations.

Our philosophy today is the same it’s always been. We expect the best, and we only supply the best. Our machines must last 10 years or more in full production. We like to go the extra mile. Where others use a single bearing, we use two. Where others use plastic, we use metal. We don’t rely on third party suppliers for our printers – we design and build our own. All of this attention to detail and quality gives us and our customers the ultimate peace of mind.

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