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The HM Group is with more than 50 years of experience one of Europe’s leading and most innovative companies within industrial marking and labelling.

HM Systems cégközpont

The competencies of HM Systems comprise a wide range of industrial labelling and marking solutions. With a comprehensive experience within construction, electronics and software, HM has a unique competence within development and implementation of custom-designed solutions.


  • HM Linerfree MKII

    HM Linerfree MKII

    HM Linerfree® egy zöld, felhasználóbarát és szabadalommal védett címkézőrendszer A HM Linerfree® rendszer nem igényel hordozószalagot, így felhasználja a címkeanyag...

  • HM 4000 CW

    HM 4000 CW

    HM 4000 CW has been designed to optimize labelling on thermoformers and tray sealers for vacuum packing. The machine...

  • HM 3000

    HM 3000

    HM 3000 – the most powerful dispenser for 24 hour operation. Tough, high quality dispenser developed for high capacity...

  • HM 600P

    HM 600P

    HM has througout many years acquired an extensive experience when it comes to implementation and service of printer dispenser...

  • HM 600

    HM 600

    HM600 – robust and compact dispenser with high accuracy. The controller is integrated in the machine and built on...

  • HM 300

    HM 300

    HM 300 – user-friendly compact dispenser. The HM 300 is a compact dispenser with high efficiency and a good...


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