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Bottlers and packagers of water, carbonated soft drinks, fluid dairy, RTD teas and coffees, juices, and functional drinks trust Videojet for simple, reliable and efficient solutions for coding their products. Videojet’s latest generation of coding equipment provides the soft drink producer with innovative solutions that are the industry’s easiest to own, operate and maintain.

Intuitive Interface for Fast Line Changeover

The proliferation of beverage flavours and sizes and demand for shorter production runs may mean more frequent line changeovers for you, but it shouldn’t mean more downtime for your coder. With this need in mind, Videojet has developed a series of ink jet and laser coders that use a straightforward, menu-based user interface.

The Codes that You Want, When You Want Them

The data printed on your product can be truly variable. For example, Videojet coders can update automatically to print a new lot code or time stamp every day, shift, hour, minute or even every bottle. Stored production or line codes can be retrieved with the simple touch of a button or scan of a job or EAN code. Videojet believes your line changeovers and production speeds should never be slowed by your coding method.

Coding on Beverage Packaging

Can, carton and bottle printing and laser coding at even the highest speeds is made routine by Videojet’s specially designed systems. Offering adaptable ink jet bottle printing solutions and efficient laser marking systems, Videojet can tailor the marking effect to your preference. A small sample of the packaging types that Videojet often codes on includes printing/marking on water bottles, carbonated soft drink cans or bottles, juice cartons or boxes, frozen concentrate cans and milk cartons.

Promotional Codes

Videojet coders have a proven ability to generate or manage externally-generated unique codes for printing on bottles or caps for promotions and gaming applications.

Simple, Complete Coding Solution

Soft drink packagers often rely on Videojet coding technologies to mark at every stage of their production process. For a typical PET filling line, this can entail…

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