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Innovative design, greater benefits

The new ZE500 Series takes an innovative approach to OEM print engines. Leveraging extensive customer research, the design focuses on ease of use, integration and servicing. Built with the customer in mind, the ZE500 Print Engine is designed to keep mission- critical print-and-apply applications operating without interruptions.

The elegant design of the ZE500 simplifies maintenance and dramatically reduces downtime. All three rollers can be exchanged in minutes, with no need to access the printer’s electronics. The wide open printhead makes cleaning

and replacement simple, and the quick- change modular drive system reduces printer repair time.
Routine operations such as ribbon changing are simple and straightforward (and identical for both print widths). The new graphic display can be deported and rotated, enabling flexible positioning for improved ease of use and integration.

The user experience is much improved: the design enables easy integration with print-and-apply machinery plus has better resistance to dust and water. Expanded connectivity ports and enhanced software control of the applicator port provides further integration flexibility.

Standard features:

    • Print methods: thermal-transfer or direct-thermal
    • Orientation: right-hand or left-hand
    • Industrial all-metal construction
    • 16MB SDRAM, 64MB flash memory
    • Applicator interface
    • Transmissive and reflective media sensors
    • Multi-level Element Energy EqualizerTM (E3TM) for superior print quality
    • Real-time clock
    • Rotatable display
    • ZPL IITM – universal language for Zebra printers

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