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Vario III

    • Print speed up to 250 mm/s
    • Internal label rewinder (max. 100 mm diameter)
    • Optionally with 7″ touch-screen display
    • Standard integrated Ethernet interface
    • Optionally available with RFID function, bar code scanner and WLAN
    • Optional dispenser input/output of most recent generation
    • 3-fold USB host for connection of USB keyboard and memory stick as well as a drive for Compact Flash cards

Bestselling device in already its third generation

The Vario series, which has already proved successful for a number of years, has been revised both technically and visually and Vario III combines all the functions of a solid and extremely reliable label printer with excellent ease of use. Like its precursors, the new device also has all the well-known options such as the cutter unit, dispenser unit, external rewinder, RFID and scanner. A WLAN interface for radio data transfer can be installed as a new option.

The large, optional touch screen display is simple and comfortable to operate. Using a cursor, a mouse or something similar is unnecessary as thanks to modern technology the touch screen display is operated by finger like current smartphones or tablet PCs.

As an environmentally friendly company, Valentin is aware of its responsibilities and manufactures the Vario III from recyclable components and materials. The series range also uses very little energy.

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