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  • Thermal or thermal transfer version
  • Right and left version
  • Detachable, mobile control unit
  • Inputs/Outputs
  • USB host for connection of an external USB keyboard and an USB memory stick
  • Ports: RS-232, Centronics, USB and Ethernet
  • Slot for CF card

High-performance print module designed for labelling in production lines

Using the SPX II series print module, labels, textiles and plastic materials can be printed on with a high resolution both in the dispensing mode and continuous operation mode. The assembly of the print module is possible both in a horizontal and vertical installation position and, due to its detachable and mobile control unit, the print module can be easily integrated into almost any packaging system.

The print modules designed for high-speed applications with a high throughput of labels are particularly suited for printing and application systems such as mail sorting systems, pallet labelling and labelling of electronic components.

In addition to the current printheads for thermal transfer printing, durable printheads are offered in particular for thermal direct printing.

In the development process of the SPX II series, great attention was paid to ensure that both housing and printing mechanics are made of high-quality materials and thus guarantee a high level of reliability, even under harsh operating conditions.

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