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  • Print width up to 162 mm
  • Available with different printheads for various applications
  • Print speed up to 300 mm/s
  • Slot for PCMCIA or Compact Flash card
  • Port for external rewinder

Print module as universal device

Sturdy and solid construction is one of the advantages of this print module. Due to its modular construction it is possible to use this print module in almost every labelling application. The print module can be used as additional module mounted on a label applicator as well as stand-alone system in combination with a pneumatically controlled label applicator. This is realized by means of the internal dispenser unit as well as the optional label unwinder and ribbon rewinder.

External inputs and outputs permit a full automatic operation in machine construction. High resolution of 300 dpi, print speed up to 300 mm/s as well as easy handling e.g. labels and transfer ribbon can be loaded from outside, make this print module to a popular universal device in label printing and dispensing sector.

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