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Print Your Own Short-Run Full-Color Labels with LX400e Colour Label Printer !

The LX400e utilizes the latest in high-resolution inkjet technology to print brilliant full-color product labels right in your office or production facility. It has spectacular 4800 dpi print resolution and high throughput speeds. This is the same top performance that the LX810e, “big brother” to our LX400e, provides but only in a smaller format. It is the best choice for businesses and organizations that demand solid performance and value. Your labels can include full-color photos, illustrations, graphics, text and bar codes. Print them when and where you need them — in quantities you can really use! Best of all, depending upon the quantity you print, the price per label will be significantly less than labels printed on flexo or offset.

With the LX400e there are…

  • No more long lead times
  • No obsolete label inventory
  • No plate and die charges
  • No minimum order requirements

Professional-Quality Results

There’s no need to settle for low-resolution color labels on your products. LX400e’s incredible 4800 dpi printing delivers results that far exceed virtually any other on-demand print method available today. Four built-in print resolutions let you select the combination of print quality and speed that fits your application best. No matter which you choose, your labels are bright, colorful and professional.

Creating labels takes just minutes on your Windows XP/2000/Vista or Mac OS X, 10.2 or higher. You can mix any combination of text, graphics, photos, illustrations and even bar codes.

Easy to Use NiceLabel® SE Design Software is included for your basic label design needs. You can also use most other graphics applications, such as Photoshop® and Illustrator®, giving you maximum flexibility and creativity in your designs!

Get Up and Running Quickly

From initial set-up to full operation, the LX400e is easy to use. Plus, everything you need to start printing labels is included in the box.

Each LX400e ships with NiceLabel® SE design software, sample roll of high-gloss labels, ink cartridge and USB cable. You’ll be printing full-color labels within minutes of taking the printer out of the box.

A Wide Variety of Substrates — Including Water-Resistant Labels!

LX400e prints onto many different label, tag and ticket materials, including inkjet coated high-gloss, semi-gloss and matte labels. Labels printed on high-gloss material are highly scratch- and smudge-resistant and virtually water-resistant. This is a perfect solution for primary or box labels that can be exposed to water, rain and snow.

Label print width can be as narrow as 0.75 inches and as wide as 4 inches. Maximum label length is 24 inches.

Many Applications

The LX400e produces gorgeous, professional-quality labels for all your short-run, specialty products. It’s ideal for industries such as gourmet foods, wine and water bottles, personal care and natural products.

It is also perfect for a host of other uses such as:

    • Proofing before going to press on longer runs
    • Test marketing
    • Contract manufacturing
    • Private label goods
    • Promotional labels
    • Full-color box-end labels with all the required bar codes
    • And much more!

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