HM Linerfree MKII

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HM Linerfree® Systems is a green, user-friendly, patented labelling system.
HM Systems Linerfree MK II címkéző

HM Linerfree® Systems is able to operate without backing paper, utilizing 100% of the label material. In traditional labelling systems 50-60% of the labelling material is typically wasted.

HM Linerfree® Systems represent the newest technology and offer a number of unique advantages:

• No backing paper – no waste – 100 % use of all labelling material
• Increased efficiency – fewer roll changes and double operation time
• Environmentally friendly solution reducing CO2 emission
• No handling of waste
• 60 % more paper on labels rolls
• 30 % running savings on total labelling costs
• Double life on printheads
• Usable for top, bottom, side, front, wrap-around and aroundcorner applications
• Extreme flexibility – many different layouts possible on same roll
• Easy to integrate in existing lines
• Coloured, neutral and translucent labels
• Capacity of up to 120 labels/min

The market’s most efficient and environmentally friendly labeling solution. Reduces CO2 emissions, increases productivity and flexibility.
At the same time, all waste and waste management and the total are eliminated.
Labeling costs are reduced by up to 30%.

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