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HM 4000 CW

Date: 2017-06-08 Category: ,

HM 4000 CW has been designed to optimize labelling on thermoformers and tray sealers for vacuum packing.

HM 4000 CW mátrix címkeadagoló

The machine is robust and designed to endure 24-hour operation in tough environments with high demands for capacity and accuracy. The electronics are based on a high-power micro-processor. The design offers the possiblity of easily mounting a print module such as HM PRO A. The print module can be mounting from the start or added later.

HM 4000 CW is further characterized by being:
• Flexible – Is prepared for top and/or bottom mounting on all thermoformers such as Multivac, Sealpac, Ulma, Variovac, CFS and Tiromat
• Efficient – High capacity, short change-over time and a minimum of label waste ensures increased productivity
• Robust and hygienic – Developed to meet the demands from the food and medical industries

HM 4000 cross web labellers ensure an optimized solution made for 24 hour operation.

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