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Applicator APL 100

The applicator APL 100 is an optional device to use with label printers of the Compa or Compa II series for automatically applying the printed label onto the product. The labels are transferred with a pad, which moves between the two positions, starting position and labelling position, by a compressed-air driven pneumatic cylinder. In the starting position, the label is picked up from the printer. A sensor at the cylinder signals when the pad is in the starting position. The label is removed from the carrier ribbon directly at the dispense edge of the printer. It is sucked on the pad by a vacuum via drillings at the bottom of the pad. For support, the label is also blown against the pad (supporting air) with an air current coming from a blow tube. The correct transfer of the label is controlled by a vacuum sensor.

Next, the pad is moved down into the labelling position. Reaching the labelling position is confirmed by another sensor (labelling position sensor). In the labelling position the label is transferred onto the product. While the pad is moving back into the starting position, the vacuum sensor checks whether the label has been removed from the pad. The supporting air and the vacuum as well as the speed of the cylinder are adjustable. That way the applicator can be adapted to different label materials and sizes. For integration into a superordinated process the printers are equipped with ‘Dispenser I/O’.

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